This Drink Is Very Dangerous For Your Health: It Can Cause High Blood Pressure, Kidney Damage, Cardiac Arrest And Even Death!

A drink that many take as a first aid against fatigue can seriously endanger the health of your body!

Many believe this beverage is harmless, but research shows that one of the triggers of serious physical and mental illnesses.

Energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar, 4 times more caffeine than coffee, vitamins, minerals and non-nutrient stimulants. A large amount of caffeine and sugar can seriously raise your blood pressure and endanger your heart health and your psychological state. Studies confirm that these beverages lead to obesity, insomnia, abdominal pain, bowel irritation, and severe kidney damage. If you consume these drinks in large quantities, they can a fast heart-rate, cardiac arrest and even death.

The British Food Standards Agency prescribes as a permitted daily dose of caffeine less than 400 mg, and only a small energy drink of 250 ml has 80 mg.

Researchers point out that there is enough evidence that energy drinks have a negative impact on the health, and special attention should be paid to parents because these beverages are easily accessible to children.


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